Designer Profile

Walter Knoll Team

The experts in the Walter Knoll team draw on their many years of experience to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. 

Successful products are a team effort – something we have proved at Walter K. Our specialists continually seek new ways to instill design into technology, construction, material, form, and function.  

From the very start, the Walter Knoll team has created some of the most successful examples of the modern style. Alongside Vostra, our classic 375 and 369 series also represent excellent craftsmanship and timeless design. They changed the design language of an entire era. Experiments with new materials and the development of a new type of plastic made this possible.  

The Classic Edition pieces remind us that Walter K. has often represented the avant garde. While post-war Germany was still characterized by a classic style of furniture, Walter K. turned the spotlight on modernity. The Walter Knoll team succeeded in giving shape to a new way of life, and gained international recognition.