375 Relaxchair.

Design: Walter K. Team.

The comfortable Relaxchair is a modern counterpart to the elegant mid-century armchair, and a versatile choice for places of retreat like living rooms and libraries, as well as a prestigious addition to lobbies or receptions. An elegant cocoon and haven for relaxing, reading, chatting, and thinking.

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The convex sweep of the head of the armchair provides a relaxed counter-movement to the sweep of the armrest. The all-round piping emphasizes the chair’s distinctive contours. The feel of the powerfully ergonomic upholstery both inspires and relaxes. Its generous shape allows the seating position to be changed, and the indent in the back supports the head and shoulders in a relaxed position. 

The Relaxchair is a character piece that completes the classic 375 series. The Walter K. team designed its shape in line with the design philosophy of the 375 family: timeless, streamlined, elegant – with fine lines and proportions. Instantly welcoming.