Walter K. Sleeping System .

Design: Walter K. Team.

Extraordinary comfort, excellent stabilization, and a superior sleeping environment: our own box spring Sleeping System. With a flexible top mattress and sturdy base mattress, an interplay delivering maximum comfort – with a low-profile construction. The proven trio of topper, top mattress and streamlined base mattress complements our lightweight bed designs.


Tangible joy: a quality that can be seen and felt

The Walter K. Sleeping System makes bedtime a pleasure, filling it with the joyful anticipation of a good night’s rest. A beautiful sleeping environment is the perfect way to fall asleep. Lying comfortably in bed feels good. And with a good mattress, we do something good for ourselves. Everything we do as a brand is aimed at creating spaces that sustainably enhance our well-being, that touch us and fill us with energy.

“Our body feels most comfortable when surrounded by things that are in tune with it.”

High-end sleeping comfort in three levels of firmness

Soft and supportive at the same time – it’s all about balance. The five-zone mattress adapts to the contours of the body, relieving pressure and supporting the spine in all the right places. Just enough so that you don’t sink into it, but firm enough for lasting comfort. Available in different versions – levels 1, 2, 3 – to meet individual sleeping preferences. 

Materials for optimal temperature regulation

A combination of polyester wadding and virgin sheep’s wool helps regulate heat and moisture levels in a way that is comfortable for the body. The breathable upholstery materials and the air space in the base mattress allow continuous air circulation in every direction, removing any resultant heat or moisture in the process.

The construction of the Sleeping System

Optional topper: comfort layer with wadding filling and a breathable jersey cover, climate-friendly and made to last from Tencel and recycled polyester, washable at 60°.

top mattress with a spring core: available in three firmness levels, each constructed from several layers of material. Divided into five zones. Lowering of shoulders and spine support are automatically integrated into the zoning. Handles make transporting and handling the mattress easy.

Streamlined base mattress for balance and cushioning: The sprung base mattress is the stable base of the Sleeping System. It supports the top mattress and also includes carrying handles at both ends.

Our aesthetic of enduring quality

The clean lines of the Walter K. design are evident in the geometric, box-stitched look of the Sleeping System: a handcrafted combination of surface and line quilting derived from the traditional method of button-tufted upholstery.

“We have transferred the special aura of Walter K.’s vision to the bed. The logical continuation: bed and mattress. Through the Walter K. Sleeping System, we want to realize our vision of healthy sleep with our own products.” 

Markus Benz, CEO Walter K.