Temno Table.

Design: EOOS.

Sculptural strength: Temno Table is a fusion of architecture and sculpture. A table inspired by classical and modern sculpture, made of sensual, natural materials. For an interior design that puts the table center stage.

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Strength and power

Individual and expressive. Temno impresses with its extraordinary shape and characteristic appearance. A table that emanates strength and power. Feigning effortlessness, the vertical column supports the solid wood tabletop. The lines of strength flowing through the product are palpable.

Warmth and softness

For the Temno Table’s characteristic base, we use a material that does justice to the underlying principle of design and our aspiration for excellence: manufactory concrete – a material with an extremely smooth, velvety-matte surface, surprisingly soft and warm and exceptionally pleasant to the touch. This subtle, sensual impression is enhanced by the solid wood tabletop.

Temno was designed and developed in conjunction with our new Ison Bench. The soft and straight lines unite in a special way. Indeed, a deliberate contrast between two elements, creating a sense of drama in this interplay, while simultaneously morphing table and bench.

“A sculpture that allows the tabletop to levitate.”

Martin Bergmann, EOOS

A table like an altar: safe and sublime

Temno is derived from the Greek “temenos” for temple, which describes a special area that is separated and protected. The dining table is a place to come together and a place for conversation – graceful and sublime like an altar in a temple.