Moualla Table.

Design: Neptun Ozis.

Harmonious lines characterize this dining table made from solid oak or nutwood. The table top appears to be floating over the framework – the result is stable but light. Signs of exceptional craftsmanship include the wooden table’s impressive longitudinal grain, and the precise finishing of its edges.

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The inconspicuous connection between the legs and the table top creates a minimalist silhouette. The elliptical shape of the dining table encourages conversations, while its solid wood top is durable and natural – a piece of evolving nature. Streamlined and at the same time expansive, this wooden table suits both a variety of layouts. Moualla Table is available in three sizes.

Neptun Ozis, an architect and designer from Istanbul, designed this elegant wooden table as an homage to Fikret Moualla. The artist, who died in 1967, was a mentor and good friend of Neptun Ozis’s father, Sadi Ozis. The latter had already developed a chair of the same name in 1964 for the Fine Arts Academy Istanbul, in honor of Moualla.