Shinzo Lounge Chair.

Design: EOOS.

Our new signature piece immediately brings quality to a room and makes an impressive statement. Showcasing the strength of craftsmanship from the fine decorative seams to the precise upholstery, the combination of wood, leather, fabric and steel, and its very own look. 

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At the intersection of top quality, masterly craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics


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Shinzo is available in lots of variants which can be put together individually. The armchair comes in two sizes – with a high or low back. The matching footstool functions as both a convenient footrest and very comfortable seat. Choose from our four solid wood colors, different saddle leather and fabrics, bases in bronze or black. The color of the leather piping matches the selected Saddle leather color of the back shield. 

You gently sink into the soft, generous cushion, the sloping back provides a pleasant surface to lean on, relaxed arms rest on the wide solid wood armrests. Its fine, warm tactile surfaces entice and encourage a sense of touch.

Shinzo is mobile: despite its size, the armchair gracefully floats through the room. With its castors and elegant handle on the back, the armchair is easy to move.

Material & finishing

Over the years, we have taken the greatest care to develop manufacturing processes which enable us to make a complex product which doesn’t reveal a single screw. The saddle leather is finished in house at workshop in Herrenberg. We use a recessed decorative seam in Shinzo, as otherwise only seen in the finest tack. 

Both sewing and upholstering the chair require the greatest dexterity. In this way, Shinzo’s fine seams, hand-dyed saddle leather edge and the artistic upholstery attest to a high level of craftsmanship. The metal is also processed at the highest level, the plate foot is soldered to the frame by hand. The frame forms the basis for the precise upholstery. As a graphic element, the piping supports the three-dimensional look of the upholstery.

“Everything we know, everything we have experienced together, has gone into this armchair.”

Martin Bergmann, EOOS
Shinzo is a result of more than 25 years of lasting partnership and deep devotion – of EOOS and Walter K. The armchair is the result of our common understanding. It demonstrates what we stand for and what is important to us. Shinzo is an expression of the demands we make on design language, workmanship, comfort and durability.

Shinzo means heart in Japanese

The heart of the chair, the upper back, was created during the design process of cutting and material tensioning. Its geometric freeform gives expression to its rare rational emotionality. And last but not least, Shinzo, because of its uniqueness and the years of work involved in the design, has become a matter of the heart for both partners – a genuine favorite.