Yuuto Bed.

Design: EOOS.

This upholstered bed with generous proportions and fine materials transforms a sleeping area into a landscape. Standing freely in a room, Yuuto Bed is open and flexible for the rituals of our private life. Yuuto Bed uses space in all directions, supplemented by shelves, banquettes, small tables, and consoles. 

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The Sleeping System is based on box springs. This provides particular comfort, optimal body support, and an outstanding sleeping environment. EOOS has designed the classically elegant bed to allow the air to circulate freely around it. The bed as an object in the room: centrally positioned, open for a whole range of possible connections – to the dressing area, the bathroom, the view.


Living and sleeping in a 360-degree perspective: our designs are an expression of our attitude to life – in the prestigious, the practical, the useful, and the sense of well-being. The bedroom is an important part of our life, as a source of strength for the following day and a place of recreation and everyday rituals.