Apartment Boundless Tranquility, Taipei, Taiwan

An apartment named ‘Boundless Tranquility’ nestles right in the heart of Taipei, strategically situated in an exclusive residential area overlooking rolling green hills and a neighboring river.

In Taiwanese culture, tranquility is highly valued and revered as a source of inspiration, harmony, and connection to nature and fellow human beings.

The Boundless Tranquility apartment provides its residents with various aspects of tranquility. Besides providing an audible and visual respite from the urban soundscape, the serene view of nature encourages contemplation. Above all, however, it is the spaciousness and openness of the living area that create a serene calmness, whilst the thoughtful arrangement of spaces provides both retreat options and a sense of coziness. 

Sofa Living Landscape, Chimbuka Carpet & Foster 620 Side Tables


Harmony of forms

For the apartment’s architect it was essential to have a visual link of the interior to the outdoors. Inside, a winding ceiling structure mirrors the curved contours of the building, creating a harmonious whole. The design language of the furniture complements this. The choice of furniture has been expertly tailored to match the interior design elements and the spatial dynamics: circular Foster 620 Side Tables juxtapose the linear silhouette of the Living Landscape sofa in the lounge area, while the dining area combines the solid Tadeo Table with chairs featuring organic contours.

Tadeo Table


Naturalness in the room

Much like their fellow countrymen, the apartment’s owners foster a profound bond with nature, a sentiment echoed in the interior design. The horizontal surfaces, including the flooring, the expansive tabletop, and The Farns Sideboard, exhibit the beauty of natural wood. In the vertical architectural, elements of glass, marble, and refined titanium prevail and shape the spatial aesthetics. Supple and soft Elen leather from the Walter K. collection was chosen for the seating options, such as the spacious Living Landscape Sofa and the Onsa Lounge Chair.

In keeping with a natural aesthetic, the color scheme is dominated by muted earthy tones, including soft beige, brown, cream, and copper. Adding selective color accents, courtesy of the Chimbuka rug with its dynamic design or various statement accessories, creates a lively energy akin to the vibrant hues found in nature.

The Farns Sideboard


Onsa Armchair & Chimbuka Carpet


Alongside an abundance of natural light streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, artificial lighting also plays an important role. An integrated lighting scheme, seamlessly woven into the architecture, creates a calm, contemplative ambience for evenings in the ‘Boundless Tranquility’ apartment. 

The Farns Sideboard & Living Landscape Sofa