KPMG Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

The minimalist interior of KPMG's head office imparts trust and stability – for staff, customers and visitors alike.

A wide variety of seating options

As one of the leading auditors and business consultants in Europe, KPMG relocated its head office to Brussels Airport. In its prestigious rooms, furniture such as the large, elegantly rounded dark wood Keypiece Conference Table makes a powerful statement. At the very top of the building is the visitors' floor, offering a view of the nearby airport runway and its take-offs and landings.

The furnishing's foundation: the values of KPMG 

Equipped with leather-upholstered Kyo Chairs, the room imparts a warm and trustworthy atmosphere. integrity, excellence, courage, together, for better – these are the values of the – these are the values of the KPMG cooperative, whose roots go back to 1870. The unique identity of the company is reflected in the design of the office.

The elegant seating arrangement of an olive-green leather Jaan Sofa, 369 and Bao Armchairs in yellow and an Oki Stone Table, creates a cosy atmosphere in one of the conference rooms at the headquarters of KPMG in Brussels.
Various seating arrangements of our classic 375 Armchairs, Sofas, Tables, and Barstools, as well as the minimal Jaan Bench, 369 Armchairs and elegant Joco Side Tables, offer plenty of places for meeting and exchange in these rooms flooded with light.

Set against a dark gray carpet and dark-panelled wall, the bold colors convey an inviting freshness and warmth. The Joco Side Table with its delicate metal frame picks up on the clear lines of its surroundings.