Jaan 780 Sofa.

Design: EOOS.

This sofa, available in three sizes, combines the apparent opposites of charm and powerfulness, straightness and harmony. The compact spatial dimensions and firmly padded seat and back cushions are poised on delicate feet. The fine felled seams are a sign of experienced craftsmanship. Excellent design for two worlds: private and public.

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EOOS designed Jaan as a flexible, extendable, and individually combinable system. In our range youn will find the corresponding Jaan 780 Armchair, elegant occasional tables, and compact glass-topped servers. 
Over the years, we have continued to extend the range: you’ll also find the Jaan 781 Sofa and Armchair, the Jaan Living and Jaan Silent Sofas, and the Jaan Bed and Bench.