Howden Group Holdings in London, UK

The employees of the insurance company in London’s financial district enjoy comfort and coziness at work. 

The London insurance company Howden Group Holdings, former Hyperion defines itself as international, independent, and innovative. The company had its head office in the British financial center designed accordingly: it is bright, light, and equipped with selected furniture by Walter K. Offering views over the city skyline, the modern and stylish spaces offer a mix of workplaces, conference rooms, and lounge areas.

A visit to the roof is a special experience. Here you can step out onto a large terrace to take in the panoramic skyline and enjoy a view of Foster + Partners' "Gherkin“ – one of the most striking skyscrapers in the city. 

Natural materials, elegant carpets, stylish lighting, and modern art combine to convey the company's high standards. In the open-plan kitchenette, our Jaan Living Sofas complete the relaxed setting, their dark tones contrasting with the green of the walls. In the waiting and meeting areas too, the sofas with their filigree frame catch the eye thanks to their aesthetic appeal.

Generous and delicate: Healey Soft Lounge Chair

The lounge chairs in the extra soft version, designed by  London-based designers Pearson Lloyd, feel elegant and comfortable. The armchairs from the 375 family also encourage a brief moment of relaxation in the busy working day.