A Place To Long For

We long to be immersed in comfort. We search for a place where we are completely at ease with ourselves. A place that stimulates our senses – one where we long to be.

Soulful Softness

Ishino Sofa, Foster 620 Table, Kimya Carpet.


Ishino Sofa, Tembea Carpet


Ishino Sofa

The iconic sofa invites us to enjoy its finely rounded curves and extra-soft upholstery. The precision of Ishino provides stability, while its high level of seating comfort draws us in. Ishino stands for ideal proportions and a vision of more design: a clear and balanced silhouette, with relaxed yet precise folds. Every seam sits exactly where it should.

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Ishino Sofa, Ishino Tables, Tembea Carpet



A freestanding sofa for two or three people. Completely covered in what appears to be a single piece of fabric or leather. The combination of the two materials emphasizes the feeling of sitting within a shell. With precise folds for a supremely soft and relaxed look.

Ishino Armchair, Foster 620 Table, Ajabu Carpet. 


Ishino Armchair, Joco Table, Joco Stone Table, Akiki Carpet.


Ishino Armchair

Walter K. and his brother Wilhelm created the club armchair in 1907. This tradition is revived in Ishi-no. Take a generous seat, and me hugged by the comfortably rounded back. The material attracts us almost magically, and surrounds us like a shell. The armchair from the Ishino program, available with a variety of covers, follows the approach of ideal proportions with its superior seating comfort and relaxed folds.

The Essence of Excellence

The Sheru Family

Sheru chAIR welcomes variety. The different frames, in wood and steel, can be configured according to the style of their surroundings. The addition of a five-star base with optional height adjustment opens up even more use possibilities for this versatile chair.

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Seito Wood Table, Sheru chAIR, Tembea Carpet.


Sheru armchAIR, Foster 620 Table, Prenaiti Carpet.

The newest addition to the family: Sheru Barstool. For a comfortably soft upholstered seat at a coun-ter or high dining table.

Sheru Barstool, Deen Table, Ajabu Carpet.


Sheru chAIR, Seito Wood Table, Tembea Carpet.


Seito Wood Table

A unique table sculpture made of solid wood: a playful sense of lightness emerges through a balance of lines, angles and surfaces. The oval table top and the crossed base can be made from the finest woods, such as oak or nutwood. The choice of solid wood brings a feeling of coziness and natural elegance into every room.

Favorite Place

Muud Sofa, Oota Side Table, Kiwara Carpet. 


Dream Cushion made of down. 


Muud Sofa

Smart and comfy. Light, soft, airy. Muud sofa is an oasis of well-being for urban, even smaller-scale, floor plans. For mornings reading, evenings relaxing – and nights as a guest bed for a spontaneous overnight stay. A flick of the wrist – and the geometry of the design is transformed. A flexible sofa, free-standing or as a cozy corner.

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Muud Sofa, 375 Relaxchair, Foster 620 Table, Isanka Basket, Oki Side Table, Yungiyungi Carpet, FK Chair, Yuuto Console. 



The generous, down-filled Dream Cushion adds airy softness to the corner of the sofa.  

Jaan Living Sofa

The spacious upholstered surfaces of the sofa and recamière appear to float over the delicate framework, in a balanced harmony of lightness and weight. Chic and inviting at the same time: the casual look of the leather is complemented by the light down filling of the upholstery. Softness that you want to sink into forever.

Jaan Living Sofa, Kiwara Carpet, Jaan Living Server, Joco Table, Joco Stone Table, Oki Side Table. 


Living Landscape 755 Sofa, The Farns Sideboard Low, Tadeo Table, Saddle Chairs, Oki Stone Tables, Suma Carpet, Kiwara Badawi Pillow. 


Living Landscape 755 Sofa

The comfort zone for everyone and everything: a sofa landscape with which our perspective of life can change direction. Living Landscape 755 widens our perspective and changes the way we experi-ence a space. It uses space in all directions - not only in front of the sofa, but also behind it, thus expanding our views. To the lake, to the fireplace, to the people by our side.

Living Landscape 755 Sofa, Oki Stone Tables, Suma Carpet, Kiwara Badawi Pillow. 


Living Landscape 755 Sofa, Oki Stone Tables, Suma Carpet, Kiwara Badawi Pillow. 


Inspired by Africa

Legends of Carpets

Inspired by the landscapes and colors of Africa, crafted by hand in certified workshops in Nepal – our carpet collection translates abstract paintings into timeless, knotted works of art. Materials with their own poetry – Tibetan highland wool, fine Chinese silk, and yarn made from nettle fibers – create individual carpet pictures that exude naturalness and elegance.

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Tembea Carpet – Tembea is Swahili for “to walk” or “to wander”.


Jioni Carpet – Jioni is Swahili for “evening” or “twilight”.