Designer Profile

Preben Fabricius

Preben Fabricius counts alongside Jørgen Kastholm as one of the most important representatives of Danish design, and Danish modernism in particular.

Preben Fabricius, born in 1931, passed away in 1984 at only 52 years of age. After training as a carpenter in Copenhagen, he studied under interior designer Finn Juhl. It was at this point that he met Jørgen Kastholm, with whom he developed the FK chair, now an icon in design history and part of our Classic Edition.

Inspired by the functionalism and consistency of Scandinavian design, the two Danish interior designers committed to optimizing form, material and ergonomics. They were also influenced by the Bauhaus.  

Preben Fabricius also designed the eponymous Fabricius, a classic that reveals a lot about the history of modern furniture. The 1970s “Conversation Chair” symbolically combines the tradition of functional, Scandinavian design with the appeal of relaxed seating comfort. In this way, it represents all of the ideals that Preben Fabricius stood for as a designer.

In 1969, Fabricius and Kastholm's design for the FK chair was the first recipient of the German prize for “Good Form”.