Ishino Side Table.

Design: Daï Sugasawa.

The tabletop of the Ishino Side Table is cast from lightweight concrete, the surface selectable in three different metallized finishes: Whether in copper, brass or bronze, the finely crafted ovals give the table its special charm. Each piece is unique.

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Ishino Side Table demonstrates the lightness of stone. The natural beauty of polished pebbles inspired Daï Sugasawa’s design. The organically formed bodies rest on the delicate frame as if weightless. A balance of lightness and volume emerges. The shimmering pigments of the metal surfaces exude peace and harmony. Ishino Side Table can be placed as an eye-catching piece in the middle of a living room, or next to a sofa island or group of lounge chairs, for example the Ishino Sofa.

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Daï Sugasawa on his inspiration and the collaboration with Walter K.: “It’s my aim to bring organic, natural elements back into people’s living spaces and to reconnect us with our environment. It was a real opportunity to put this idea into practice with Walter K. Because we share the same understanding, the same passion: we know the value of products crafted with the finest materials. In combination with technical know-how and craftsmanship, meticulous care and dedication, we have managed to create a one-of-a-kind product.”