Foster 512 Bench.

Design: Foster + Partners.

The Foster 512 Bench is easily adaptable and resizable for lobbies, airports, galleries, showrooms, or shops. The predefined modules and innovative construction enable an infinite number of tailor-made configurations. Screens turn it into a rest area, allowing various levels of privacy. 

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Foster 512 Bench creates a landscape within a space. Here straight and clear, there expansive and sweeping. The design of the horizontal and vertical surfaces is impressively consistent: the elegant upholstery appears to float above the minimal aluminum panes. An invitation – to think, read, and work – or just stay. For groups or individuals.

Agility emerges via the dynamic exchange of communication and focus, interaction and privacy. The architects at Foster + Partners wanted to promote this balance in large spaces like airports and entrance halls. They developed complementary screens for the Foster 512 benches that already existed. Curved or linear, they allow the space to be organized in myriad ways – and offer those seeking rest an individual niche.