Product family

Turtle Program

Pearson Lloyd found its own expressive interpretation of the shell chair, and created Turtle as a versatile, combinable program: as a chair for sitting at the table, a lounge chair with a low seat height and generous shell, and as a barstool with two seat heights.

The shell chair makes a special statement in a private or public space. The outer shell, in the same reduced design as the barstool, is the distinguishing feature of the Turtle range.

Walter K. has collaborated on a very high number of projects with Pearson Lloyd, more than with almost any other partner. The London luminaries see design as a shared endeavor. As such, it functions best when working with a partner who has the same mindset. The co-created designs are a response to the growing complexity of our globalized world and its everyday challenges. They should change their users’ lives in a positive way. Luke Pearson und Tom Lloyd’s motto is “Making design work”.