Product family

Sheru Program

Maximum variety and use possibilities: all models in the family of chairs and armchairs follow the same design language. Even when different frames and variations are combined, together they offer a homogeneous impression.

Sheru, meaning "shell" in Japanese, is a minimal design promising maximum comfort. Its excellence is revealed not only in its design language, but also in its impeccably executed hand workmanship. The perfect symbiosis of craft, passion, and expertise can be immediately felt.

Variety for every room: Sheru can be configured in a million different ways. The body, legs, materials, and colors can be combined to create a chair that perfectly suits each space. The compact silhouette of the elegant, minimalist design fits seamlessly into very different settings, from modern living and dining rooms to comfortable workspaces.
The secret of Sheru lies in its innovative chAIR technology: the backrest and seat of all models contain concealed openings through which cool air can freely circulate around the body. Integrated straps arranged in the form of palm leaves create a pleasantly springy feeling when seated. A minimalist upholstered seat, which reduces the use of materials and offers a new level of comfort. All the materials can be easily separated after a long lifecycle, and separately re-used.