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Haussmann Program

The original armchair was created in 1962 by the legendary Swiss architect and designer couple Trix and Robert Haussmann, as part of the Swiss Design Collection.

Handcrafted excellence, skilled upholstery, and modernity – these are what Walter K. stands for, and what the Haussmann program stands for. As a sofa and an armchair, it is a statement piece in lobbies and lounges. And a respectful homage to the Bauhaus.

The design is based on an iconic armchair design by the Swiss architects and designer couple Trix and Robert Haussmann. The idea back then: “To design a piece of furniture that offers the comfort of the classic Chesterfield but looks lighter,” says designer Robert Haussmann. An originality that remains - with the quality and substance of something special, today and tomorrow.

Trix and Robert Haussmann are considered to be "the protagonists of Swiss living culture". They describe their approach to design as Critical Mannerism: “Taking up lost tradition, pursuing its further development, and giving it a contemporary new interpretation – combined with humor and, last but not least, a touch of self-mockery.”