369 Program

The 369 design stands for lasting validity, and at the time of its creation, it changed no less than the design language of an entire era. As armchairs and side tables, these timeless classics provide an immediate sense of well-being in very different rooms.

Design as a discipline developed only cautiously in the 1950s. The mood in the still-young Federal Republic of Germany was one of a new era of prosperity. Private living rooms, however, lagged behind. The Walter K. team was able to give this new era a form: the 369 armchair. An innovative design that quickly attracted international recognition for the way in which it reflected modern life. 


Its contemporaries came from Scandinavia, the Bauhaus, and the Avant-Garde. Its flowing lines and sculptural silhouette were a complete novelty, in stark contrast to the straightness of the time. Experiments with new materials and the development of plastics made this possible.