Keypiece Management Desk.

Design: EOOS.

The art of lightness – Keypiece Management Desk creates open spaces. For thoughts, ideas, and conversations. Modern in dimensions and design, it conveys an inviting impression.

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Geometry, harmony, and fine proportions in the table top and legs give this range its particular elegance. In particular, smaller sizes enable effortless working from home. In its form as a wooden table, Keypiece Management Desk radiates warmth. It is completed with solid wood legs and a matching veneer surface, ensuring a natural, high-quality impression. 

Clear, smooth lines meet excellence in craftsmanship. The carefully selected materials give expression to shapes and surfaces. The cable routing to the floor is either hidden in the table legs or, in the case of the solid wood option, in a textile cable duct, which is also available in black leather on request. The container meanwhile is useful for everyday work. Keypiece Management Desk easily becomes part of a routine, welcoming both daily users and guests. For professionals and the self-employed, in the office or at home.