Keypiece Communication Desk.

Design: EOOS.

Whether in a corporate setting or a home office, this economical table frees up space. Generous and space-saving at the same time – with this flexible desk, an additional conference table is superfluous. It is designed according to needs: idea generation, self-organization – and offers plenty of free space for thinking and discussion. 

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Resting harmoniously above the legs and container, the table top appears to be floating. Its tapered shape offers users a balance of closeness and distance. The connecting element is the soft curves of the table top. In its design as a wooden table, the Keypiece Communication Desk radiates warmth and authenticity. A soft-edge finish is available for all veneers.

Allowing for work while sitting and standing, the electric height adjustment can be operated simply by pressing a button on the touchpad. 

All connections are hidden in the panel of the integrated media hub. The rotary plate meanwhile closes the cable container and allows the presentation screen to be revolved. Technical equipment and personal items find their place in the containers, of which two variations are available.

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