Osuu Chair.

Design: Foster + Partners.

Our new Osuu Chair is a lightweight wooden chair. The combination of bentwood and plywood in an all-wooden chair is unique and beautiful, yet so complex. There is a special harmony and filigree in the aesthetic and workmanship of the chair.

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Design poetry in motion

The outer arch curves around the body and transforms into a front leg. Solid, steam-bent roundwood forms the front legs, arms and the upper backrest support.
The chair is available in oak and nutwood. As a company, we are certified according to the FSC® standard. All Osuu wood variants come from sustainable forestry. Materials for the Osuu Chair are currently sourced from the Black Forest. In nutwood, it is a rarity as the selection and processing of this material requires special skills. Only a few manufacturers worldwide can bend solid nutwood. FSC license number: FSC-C168879.
For projects with high use requirements: invisible steel inserts reinforce the rear legs; the chair can withstand highest loads. It has been tested in accordance with the American ANSI-BIFMA standard for office, lounge and public seating.

The timeless, elegant design of the Osuu Chair predicts a long life. Using high grade materials and ensuring a high quality of manufacture contribute significantly to the longevity of furniture.

Upholstery pads made of saddle leather or felt

To extend the chair's lifespan, we avoid the use of screws or glue on any of the upholstery. This not only saves resources, but also simplifies adapting the chair to your personal style by changing the pad. The seat pad is simply inserted between seat and frame using clasps, no tools or other aids are required.

“The chair embodies an inherent lightness, both in terms of its physical weight and a light-touch approach to design.”

Mike Holland, Head of Industrial Design Foster + Partners