G. Wurm, Cologne, Germany

The Eßer Office Group designed an inviting office space for a Cologne family business . The space includes multiple break-out areas for flexible work with an international flair.

Friendliness and a care are core values at G. Wurm. For over six decades, the company has flourished as a global wholesaler of decorative and gift items, built on a foundation of international partnerships with trusted trading partners. This newly reimagined administrative space subtly reflects this global reach. The activity-based office evokes the charm of a hotel with muted, warm lighting and an inviting atmosphere. 

Muud Lite Sofa & Armchair


Bao Armchair, Joco Side Tables, Muud Lite Sofa & Armchair


Welcoming the world

Warm lighting, soft textiles, and fine woods offer guests a cozy welcome in the lounge. Our Muud Lite Sofa and Armchair, complemented by the charming Bao Armchair, add to the elegant atmosphere.

Sheru Armchairs, Muud Lite Sofa, Joco Stone Side Table, Leadchair Executive Soft & Exec-V Desk


Personal and professional at the same time

A desk of understated elegance for the executive office: the height-adjustable Exec-V Desk and Leadchair Executive Soft create a workspace for focused productivity. Refined furnishings and the plush Tembea Carpet foster a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. The compact Muud Lite Sofa, comfortable Sheru Armchairs, and Joco Stone Side Table are ideal for informal discussions.

Leadchair Executive Soft & Exec-V Desk


Ishino Armchair, Joco Stone Side Table & Limbika Carpet 


The diverse requirements of offices are evident in their furniture. In the second executive office, a relaxed lounge setting complements the Exec-V Desk and Leadchair Executive Soft. The Ishino Armchair offers exceptional comfort with its soft contours and plush upholstery. Paired with the Joco Stone marble table and Limbika Carpet, the overall effect is a blend of sophistication and informality.

Leadchair Management Soft & Conference-X Table 


A fusion of elegance and professionalism

Textiles and natural woods enhance the ambiance and serve as sound-absorbing elements, ensuring agreeable acoustics in the meeting spaces. The Conference-X Table system transforms easily from a meeting table to a conference or seminar setup. Complemented by the Leadchair Management Soft with fabric upholstery, it creates an ideal setting for various forms of exchange and collaboration.


Sheru Chair & Joco Side Table


Sheru Barstools & Sheru Chairs


Sheru Barstools

A spatial concept that aligns with the corporate culture: interaction and togetherness encourage collaboration. To support this, employees have access to a variety of different spaces for communication beyond traditional meeting rooms. In break-out zones within open work areas or the kitchen, chairs from the Sheru Family demonstrate their versatility. From a quick espresso at the kitchen counter to a discussion in a Meeting Box or a leisurely lunch break, Sheru Barstools and Chairs are well-suited for various settings, seamlessly blending work, life, and comfort.