TSO Capital Advisors, Frankfurt, Germany

Designed by NINIC GmbH for the US financial investor The Simpsons Organization, the premises of the new TSO Capital Advisors headquarters in Frankfurt align with the client’s core values.

Quality is of central importance for TSO, a leading financial and real estate service provider in the American market – even for the redesign of their head office in the strategically important German market. In realizing this project, the corporate principles of discipline and diligence were integral values to be expressed, playing a pivotal role in the design process towards achieving quality and excellence. This consideration extended to both the selection of materials and products as well as the final interior design.

Jaan Living Sofa, Oki Side Table & Foster 620 Side Table 


FK Chair, Scale-Media Conference Table & Media Stele


A stylish and inviting atmosphere is immediately perceptible upon entering the business premises. Upholstered in exquisite ochre leather, the sleek Foster 503 sofa and armchair in the lobby create a welcoming place to linger. The bright office spaces, too, are sumptuously appointed, conveying elegance and warmth. Here, the spacious dark wood workstations are purposefully complemented by the light and graceful Jaan Living récamiere. A meticulous devotion to detail and a singular appreciation for employees and clients are evident throughout.

The company’s exacting standards of excellence are likewise reflected in the conference and meeting rooms. Iconic FK bucket chairs juxtapose with the bespoke state-of-the-art Scale-Media conference table. Its archaic shape with premium walnut veneer surfaces and precious leather inlays, combined with state-of-the-art media technology creates an atmosphere of pure sophistication.

Scale Media Conference Table & FK Chairs


The aspiration for exclusivity manifests in the carefully curated color palette for the project. Soothing greens, rich dark woods, and elegant golden accents create an ambiance that is at once luxurious and inviting. This color palette fosters an environment enhancing to employee well-being and concentration while also mirroring the company’s uncompromising standards of quality.

Leadchair Management