Private house in Turku, Finland

In the charming Finnish city of Turku, interior designer and artist Milla Alftan has created an eclectic living space infused with a personal touch.

Milla Alftan envelops this private retreat in soft, sandy tones and earthy nuances – hallmarks of her inimitable style. ‘As a designer, I imbue each project with my own personal touch while remaining open to different styles,’ Alftan explains. Her designs captivate with an atmospheric richness and distinctive coziness, demonstrated by her exquisite renovation of this period building. Carefully selected Walter K. furnishings complete the crowning flourish, culminating in an inviting living space – a perfect setting for both social gatherings and and quiet evening hours.

Bao Armchairs


A harmonious gem

A seating ensemble tailored to residential needs creates a haven within the home. The Jaan Living Sofa, in combination with the Joco Side Tables, offers a cozy sanctuary – an intimate and luxurious setting with an invitation to sink into plush cushions. The charming Joco Side Tables prove perfect companions for reading or enjoying a glass of wine. The swivelling Bao Armchair completes the scene, seamlessly connecting the comfortable seating area with the dining space. Our furniture’s clean lines form a bold contrast to the soft tones of the modernized old building.    

Jaan Living Sofa


Jaan Living Sofa