Gallup Offices, Berlin, Germany

Located in Europe's smartest building, the Cube in Berlin, the German office of the international research-based management consulting firm Gallup boasts a state-of-the-art workplace environment nestled within unique architecture.

This project focuses on the connection between technology and nature: The aspect of a high-tech workplace vs. our human nature with basic needs for warm materials, comfort as well as human-friendly lighting is combined by the implementation of natural design elements. Carefully used colors highlight the combination of highest quality surfaces in interaction with refined structures.

The reception and lobby featuring our Jaan Living Sofa and the classic 375 Chairs offer a spectacular view of the heart of the city and also make this area the central meeting point for employees and customers.

Jaan Living Sofa & 375 Chairs


Jaan Silent Sofa

Booths at the heart of the building offer space for retreat and concentrated work. Adjacent to it, Jaan Silent Sofas create private island workspaces with indescribable comfort.
The Board Room, featuring the Keypiece conference table with our striking Leadchair Management Chairs, is the most representative meeting room, complete with state-of-the-art meeting technology.

Keypiece Table & Leadchair Management


The result is a synergy of brand, building and function with great attention to detail – which caters to all needs and offers endless possibilities for the office culture to thrive.

375 Chair