Designer Profile

Mauro Lipparini

Mauro's Lipparini's trademark? Natural minimalism, or – as he describes it – essentialism. 

Mauro Lipparini’s designs draw on both his roots and his international life experience. Raised in the Renaissance city of Florence, he completed his degree in architecture there in 1980, and then lived and worked for multiple periods in Japan in the following years.  

Over the past three decades, from his design studio, Lipparini has worked on everything from furniture and textiles, to the interiors of private homes, showrooms and restaurants, to a high-rise building.  

"Evolution is the only true, indispensable constant of good design."

Mauro Lipparini

In Lipparini's essentialism, clear, vibrant lines combine with strong colors and organic textures to create original visual ideas.  

Mauro Lipparini designed the Onsa Chair for Walter K. to provide a sense of relaxation and harmony, softness and security. Shaped like a blossoming flower, it recalls the calm aesthetics of Japan. The Japanese traditions of the tea ceremony, Ikebana flower arranging, and ink painting inform Lipparini’s work.  

Designed by Mauro Lipparini