Designer Profile

Hadi Teherani

As one of the most renowned architects and designers of our times, Hadi Teherani shapes the cityscape of metropolises around the world.

Born in Tehran in 1954, Hadi Teherani studied in Brunswick, taught at the technical university in Aachen, and has been a freelance architect since 1990. From Dubai to Hamburg, Moscow and Istanbul, his buildings are a source of inspiration around the world.

As the creative mind behind the company Hadi Teherani AG, founded in 2003, he pursues a holistic approach with his instinctive sense for shapes, spaces and proportions. Tehrani’s projects seek to bring a vivid sense of emotion and atmosphere together with sustainability. 

"Anchoring people emotionally in their homes and workplaces, and creating an atmosphere that they identify with an are inspired by, requires more than just the architectural space."

Hadi Teherani

Like Walter K., Hadi Teherani also places the lasting value of each design at the center of his work. The collaboration between these two like-minded partners began in 2010 with T-Ray, a range of upholstered furniture designed with sculptural precision.