Ison Bench.

Design: EOOS.

A new interpretation of the classic corner bench – Ison. Light, minimal, complex. The upholstered bench embraces the principle of modernity: less is more. It can be freestanding and radiates lightness. As a corner bench, sofa bench, bench for dining – for working and living.

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A new creation of Walter K. minimalism

Lightness and comfort

Modern, minimalist. For Ison, we have developed a new variation of an upholstered bench with a lighter base. Seemingly weightless, the bench floats on the elegant frame. Minimalist leg frames hold the generous upholstered surface.

For sitting or lying down

Ison is available in various lengths and configurations as a corner or a straight bench. It is comfortable for both sitting and reclining. The micro pocket sprung seat core has proven to offer the best solution. 

There are three types of backs to choose from: Advanced with distinctive piped quilting, Classic and Classic-low featuring a plain upholstery in two different heights. Craftsmanship is evident in the fine execution of the stitching.

Back type Advanced with a distinctive stitched piped quilting.


Back type Classic featuring a plain upholstery.


The Art of Minimalism

Ison uses a minimum amount of material – and only where it is needed. Minimalistic design is sustainable design – Walter K. have been cultivating this for a long time.

Ison is Japanese for legacy

Seeking new solutions for sitting around a table together, EOOS reinvented the corner bench for modern interiors a quarter of a century ago. In 1999, we created a completely new category with Together, the freestanding upholstered corner bench. We are continuing this successful concept with Ison.

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