Isanka Sofa. Design: EOOS.

When design tells stories, we love to listen. Isanka tells of the art of craftsmanship: expertise, creativity, attention to detail. The spacious sofa represents the depth of culture at Walter K.: 150 years of expertise in leather, excellent craftsmanship, timeless appeal.

Exquisite saddle leather shapes the back. Precisely finished edges and exact seams determine the shape. The high back flows into the gently sloping armrests. With large, soft cushions in front - they enhance the upholstery and ensure comfort. Isanka keeps the secrets of the traditions of craftsmanship and special materials. For a culture of mindfulness.


  • The combination of premium saddle leather and natural fabric: hard and soft come together in the most beautiful way.
  • Isanka has what others often don't have: it looks fantastic from the back. With impressive expanses of the very best saddle leather.
  • Large, soft cushions: supporting and comfortable.


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