New look in 2 minutes - Sheru evo

Are you looking for a sustainable way to redesign your interior again and again?

Sheru evo is the solution


  • Changeable cover
  • Millions of options
  • New colors or materials in no time at all, suitable for every occasion

Durable and high quality

  • Sourcing of materials in Europe
  • Highest quality standards
  • One chair, different looks - for a lifetime


  • 100% separable by its three material types
  • Shell made from post-industry recyclate
  • recyclable materials

"This is the next generation of Sheru we have succeeded in creating, where we achieve really good seating comfort with even less material and at the same time make Sheru a little more intelligent."

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New cover in 3,2,1...

Transform your home in the blink of an eye! With Sheru evo, changing the cover is child's play.
Just 4 screws and a few deft moves turn fabric into leather, green into red, and a classic chair into a modern eye-catcher. Your personal favorite look wins - every day anew. 
And without any professional help. This flexibility makes Sheru evo a long-lasting companion that fits into any interior - just the way you like it. 
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"The most important material is the material that is not used."

Markus Benz - CEO Walter K.

3 components for easy separability

Only three components come together for the evolution of seating. An innovative shell, a cover with comfort mesh fabric and a minimalist frame make Sheru evo a sustainable all-rounder. Thanks to the clever three-part design, it simply returns to the production cycle after a long service life. Uncomplicated, sustainable, clever.

Without foam padding, with a 3D mesh fabric for high seating comfort and a significant reduction in resources and CO2 emissions

For our innovative product variant, we use 3D mesh fabric as padding in the cover instead of conventional foam. The result: high seating comfort without any glue and a significant reduction in resources and CO2 emissions due to the elimination of transportations of foams. Sheru evo - for comfort and the environment.

Sustainable plastic shell made from 100% recycled material. Recycling means fewer resources used in production

With Sheru evo, we focus on safety and highest quality. Our innovative plastic shell is made ofpost-industrial recyclate (PIR), a raw material that is surplus waste from other industries and reused for a different production process. This environmentally friendly choice meets strict safety standards while ensuring the stability and quality we expect from our products.


100 years of sustainable and separable seating solutions 

Our journey to separability began 100 years ago with the legendary Antimott model. Today, this pioneering spirit is firmly anchored in our DNA and is reflected in the evolution of the shell chair, the Sheru evo. Sustainability and separability of materials is our tradition and is part of our future concept.