Modern Icons Black Edition

Icons emerge over time

An icon is a lighthouse in a sea of sameness. Unique and recognizable, icons awaken emotions and establish values. As symbols of identity, they act as signposts through our lives. Their design language is timelessly relevant, their aesthetic unpretentious and reliable. Time lends a certain aura to an icon. The visionary nature of a creative work is often only tangible in retrospect.

The color black: the epitome of elegance, ease and style. Black is never just black – the color is surprisingly versatile. Black is ubiquitous in design, because it creates contrasts with every other color. It underlines contours, defines forms, and is both statement-making and understated at the same time.

Our special edition brings together modern icons from different eras. Five programs of timeless classics are presented for the Black Edition in uncompromising black.


Living Platform: Beautiful, functional, and flexible

Coherent on a rational and emotional level, the minimalist design is made for sitting and lounging. As seating, as daybed for resting, or as a guest bed with a comfortable reclining area, which is extendable. Launched in 1999 as part of the first series of products co-created with EOOS, Living Platform is still of great importance today. We have now included the sofa into our edition of icons from different eras.

A piece of furniture entirely in the spirit of modernity and zeitgeist: light, clean lines, less material. Upholstery only where it is needed. As much seating comfort as necessary, only as much frame as required. Sustainable in the best sense, in the design and material. In the Black Edition with a matt-black frame.

369: giving form to a new era

Flowing lines, a sculptural silhouette: the design of the 369 gave a shape to the new dawn of the 1950s. In its time, this armchair changed no less than the design language of an entire era. Experiments with new materials and the development of plastics made this possible. To this day it remains a symbol of timelessness and an aesthetic of lasting validity.

The optimally balanced, harmonious form of the petite shell armchair recalls an open flower, and to this day it integrates harmoniously into a variety of interior design philosophies. In the Black Edition with matt-black frame.

FK: a signpost of minimalism

In 1967, the FK chair signaled the arrival of a new design language, and became symbolic of modern design. It signaled an evolution of modernism. Every point is defined – and to this day, the FK represents timelessly relevant design throughout the world.

Fine lines, clear contours - a graphic silhouette presenting volume and lightness on a three-pointed crossed base. In the Black Edition with a matt-black back shell and soft seat pad.

Fabricius: perfection through reduction

An icon is the result of many years of reflection, and a preoccupation with form, material, and function. This reduced design was achieved in 1972 without sacrificing comfort. Consistent and elegant – the armchair combines functional design with soft, informal seating comfort.

The steel frame gives the armchair lightness and elegance. The suppleness of the leather and the soft cushions ensure comfort. Material is only placed where it is really needed. In the Black Edition with a matt-black frame.

Foster 502: a masterpiece by Norman Foster

Outstanding products are often created in the context of architecture: the furnishing of the Berlin Reichstag in the mid-1990s marked the start of our collaboration. Our appreciation for the finest materials and masterful craftsmanship helped to give shape to the ideas of the architect – someone who today is an icon himself.

The Foster 502 series is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Hard steel meets soft leather, immediately creating a stimulating tension. The appearance and combination of the seams is an art in itself. The shaping of the upholstery, the treatment of the leather, the precision of the steel frame – each provides the design with a special aura. In the Black Edition with a matt-black frame.

Nothing is more sustainable than an icon

The classics of modernity impress us with their beauty, their harmony and their completeness. It takes a connoisseur to decipher their DNA, which in each case is an inimitable interplay between form and material. Icons do not age. Their influence does not decrease with time – by contrast, it increases as they endure. 

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Product Imagery

The special-edition models in interior settings – for use on your own channels or in your projects.

CAD Data

For your planning: the Black Edition models in current CAD formats.

Press Kit

High-resolution images of all models, as well as our press release with full details of the special edition.