Milan Design Week 2024


Experience our new colors, materials and products in our temporary showroom in Milan's Brera design district. The location, designed by Ippolito Fleitz design studio, has an ephemeral, airy feel. Discover with us a fantastic and colorful fusion of virtual and real worlds.

Space design by Ippolito Fleitz Group

The temporary installation by Stuttgart-based design studio Ippolito Fleitz brings the showroom to life. Driven by sophistication, the designers developed a light, ephemeral exhibition for Walter K. that reduces physical intervention to a minimum in the interest of sustainability.

"The space interacts with the people: The projected landscapes play with collective and subjective memories, creating an atmosphere in which everyone can participate with their own story."

Tilla Goldberg, Studio Director Product Design & Brand Spaces at IF Group

Digital artworks by Elastique.

The AI-generated artworks by the Cologne-based creative agency Elastique. transform the industrial charm of the location into a weightless space that stimulates the imagination. The virtual landscapes change and grow, forming poetic utopias and constantly giving the showroom a new ambience.

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Florale Installationen von Studio Irene

The compositions of the Milanese designer complement the space: after studying architecture and landscaping, Irene Cuzzaniti founded a studio for plants and flowers. Her floral compositions are an expression of the constant search for elegance in shapes, lines and different scales. Her arrangements of foliage plants green plants ground the digital installation.