Bundle Sofa .

Design: EOOS.

A modular sofa, bringing together all the sensual qualities of good upholstered furniture and making it even smoother, softer, and cozier. Endless versions can be individually put together by combining at least two elements. The soft upholstery looks as if it were made from a large folded blanket.

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The sofa is designed from the outside in. The folding defines its form, and the feet are set back to make the piece appear to float. Relaxed and lavish. EOOS explain the design idea as follows: “In the beginning there was the blanket. Or rather, the two-dimensional section of a blanket. By turning and folding we created an object. A kind of spontaneous sculpture, in a matter of seconds. The aim of the entirely rational design process was to freeze and reproduce this spontaneous result of the folding, and thus create an emotional moment. An emotional sculpture in the room.” 

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Why Bundle? This is what people in Great Britain – not only children – call a beloved game, where you pile clothes and covers on top of each other, call out “Buuuuundle!” and jump into the cushions. A moment of bliss. This promise of happiness is also contained in the Bundle sofa.